• Duplicating remotes

What are garage door and garage door remotes?

A garage door operator (mechanism with an actuator) is a device that opens and closes a garage door. It is usually operated by a remote control.

A sliding or swing gate opener is a device that opens and closes a gate, such as an entry gate or pedestrian gate at the entrance to a property. It can be operated by a remote control

What are the features of garage door and gate remotes?

Garage door and gate remotes are used to open and close a gate or garage door. They also use the remote to open or close the gate or garage door when they are in another location. They can be used to remotely open the gate when they are not at home, for example.

There are single, dual and multi-channel remotes capable of operating, one, two or many devices.

What is remote control coding (fixed, variable)?

In the installation of gate and garage door operators of well-known companies such as SMILE, NICE, HORMANN, CAME, FAAC, WIŚNIOWSKI etc., the most commonly used pilots are those using rolling code, operating at frequencies of 433MHz and 868MHz. The second type of remote controls are those using a fixed code (used less and less often). In the case of the latter, each time a button is pressed on the remote control, the same signal is generated and read out in the control panel of the drive. This means that if the neighbor from across the street uses the same solution, then in the extreme case, by pressing one button, we can open his gate as well. Remote control with a variable coding has the advantage that it sends a different signal each time, but thanks to a special algorithm always read only by our drive. Therefore, any attempts of copying the signal by an unauthorised person will not succeed. For example, FAAC XT2 and XT4 remote controls use over 7 trillion variable combinations, and this completely prevents copying the code and opening the gate.

Self-copying remote controls vs. duplicating remote controls?

Cheap duplicating remotes found on the internet are able to replace simple functions of 433MHz fixed code remotes and in most cases are not able to replace the original remote control for the gate. Only Media-tech duplicating remotes are capable of duplicating the complex variable code of the original remote control from well-known companies.

In most cases, after duplication, it will be necessary to add such a duplicate to the gate controller. This procedure is usually described in the controller manual.