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1 for all - duplicates most of remote controllers 280-868MHz with rolling and fixed code

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The SMART RC DUPLICATOR MT5108 is an universal self-copying remote control - 1 for all - duplicates most 280-868MHz remote controls with variable and fixed code.
SMART RC DUPLICATOR supports a wide frequency range, making it the most universal remote control available on the market, capable of copying over 300 different models of remote controls.

4 channel remote control operating at 280-868MHz. It allows you to copy five codes in total (it is possible to configure two buttons simultaneously, which will act as one separate, fifth channel).
If you have two or three different remote controls working at different frequencies, with different codes, you can operate them all with one SMART RC DUPLICATOR MT5108 by configuring the buttons responsible for each remote control.

Main features and functions of the remote control:
  • Copying remotes with fixed, variable and dynamic codes
  • High compatibility with remote controls from other manufacturers - copying over 300 different brands of remote controls (the exact list is available on the website www.media-tech.eu)
  • Operating frequency range: 280-868MHz
  • Each button can be programmed for a different remote control
  • Housing made of water resistant materials
  • Automatic scanning of the original remote control and adaptation to the detected frequency
  • Four channels, to copy a total of five codes (it is possible to configure two buttons simultaneously, which will act as one separate, fifth channel)
  • Large working range (100-150m)
The SMART RC DUPLICATOR MT5108 remote control is a perfect solution for people who have one working remote control and want to add additional spare duplicates to it.

MT5108 copies signals in devices such as:
  • Garage Door
  • Private property gates
  • Smart Home products
  • The remote control is suitable for copying the signal not only of entrance gates, 
    but also of other products, such as automatic blinds or remote lighting switches.

User manual for MT5108

  • Smart remote controllers duplicator
  • Multifrequency & multicode
  • For gate and garage door motors, alarm systems, “smarthome” devices, home appliances, etc.
  • Duplicates remote controllers with fixed, rolling and rolling complex codes
  • 4 channels (4 buttons)
  • Frequency range: 280-868MHz
  • Compatible with  over 300 brands of RC
  • Power: button battery CR2032
  • Dimension: 67x39x13mm
  • Weight: 24g (with battery)

User manual for MT5108

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