• Shoes and clothing dryers

What is an electric clothes dryer used for?

One of the worst things is soaked clothes, especially when you're away. Instead of searching, branches, dry weather, or agonizing over a hair dryer, it's better to entrust the drying task to a portable, blow dryer for clothes.

An electric clothes dryer is a device that dries clothes by blowing hot air on them.

Thanks to its small size, it will fit in your handy luggage, and its closet hanger design makes it a great accessory for travel when you're staying in a guesthouse.

It will dry clothes, underwear and even shoes very quickly. The UV emitter will get rid of possible bacteria and germs. Dry clothes like from a dryer

And what is a shoe dryer for?

Just putting on, let alone walking or running in, wet or damp shoes is not a pleasant experience. And in addition, drying this part of clothing in a natural way (outside) or using a hair dryer is inefficient and time-consuming. Not to mention the organoleptic impressions caused by an unpleasant smell, which is the result of playing with growing bacteria.

Therefore, to fight against moisture in shoes, not only in winter, but also in autumn or spring, you should use a shoe dryer. The dryer consists of two heating elements which should be inserted into both shoes. This allows for quick, gentle and even heating of the inside of your shoes, eliminating the moisture from them. More advanced models of these devices have an additional blow of warm air. And the mentioned bacteria - the reason for bad smell - are eliminated thanks to the O3 ozone generator or UV light radiator.

Interestingly, despite their name, shoe dryers are perfect for drying e.g. gloves or hats during autumn, winter and spring.